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A start-up serving healthcare professionals




At the start of it all is a man with a passion for neurosciences and a fascination for the amazing potential of the human brain… Member of the FF2P, he began his career in the 1970s in applied research and development in the biomedical field.

In the 1990’s, he moved to Montréal where he gained interest in brief therapies which are widely spread across North America:NLP, Hypnosis, Ericksonian, Coaching and EMDR  which has started making a name for itself in the world of therapies. After having followed training and experiencing the therapy for himself he became fascinated by the power of this innovative therapy. 

Upon his return to France, he chose to deepen his behavioral and cognitive therapy knowledge, more precisely EMDR.

“By practicing every day, I quickly realized the limits of traditional EMDR”

With its daily practice, he quickly realized that as successful as EMDR is, it is difficult to perform.


  • Quick fatigue for the practitioner due to the repetitive sweeping motions leading to difficulty to stay efficient throughout the day and having to limit daily patients.

  • Difficulty to hold the patients attention due to many outside sensory stimuli which can hinder their ability to let go. 

  • A sometimes intrusive seating arrangement for the practitioner due to the proximity with the patient.

  • A restrained choice of stimuli: if the patient does not respond to the stimuli you offer, the therapy will be less successful.

“I looked for a solution to make my practice easier and more efficient”

In collaboration with a team of specialists, he elaborates a computer application which allows him in the first place to replace his hand motion by a dot of light on a screen which the patient follows with his eyes that the practitioner is able to control from the comfort of his desk. The positive results are quickly seen, the patient is able to concentrate more easily and the more precise movement reaps a better response. 


Little by little, he adds different functions to his app. The dot of light becomes a cartoon character to bring playfulness to the therapy which the children enjoy greatly, often asking if there are different characters, this allows children to stay concentrated on the ocular movement for a long time span.

The wallpaper on the screen becomes a slideshow of beautiful pictures in order to anchor the emotions into something positive.


Finally, a true innovation in the field of EMDR, the application introduces an auditive dimension with the output of alternating frequencies (binaural sounds) through a headset on a low volume in order to maintain contact with the patient.

“An app developed by therapists for therapists”

MyEMDR+ isn’t a simple app developed by computer scientists based on theoretical schemes. As an EMDR therapist I have been able to improve and enrich it throughout the years in order to make it a tool which truly answers my needs and the needs of my patients.

I notice how useful it is every day because it was developed by therapists and for therapists. 

Bilateral ocular stimulation

The subject follows a light dot or a small character on a screen that is much more attractive than a simple colored dot. Several characters are provided with the tool, but others can be found freely accessible on the internet.


You control all your settings in real-time: shape, size, speed, and trajectory, according to 10 possible axes.

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